Untold Stories
Client: Wells Fargo
Launched: 2013
  • Connections Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Strategy
  • Social Content
  • Video Production
  • Wells Fargo Untold Stories
    We helped Wells Fargo celebrate our country’s heritage by bringing to life, through video and social media, lesser-known but very important stories in America’s history. We wanted to make sure that not only did we communicate these stories that were more than a hundred years old, but highlight how the effects are still relevant today. We tapped some of our celebrity friends including Jordin Sparks, Talib Kweli, Lauren London and Lance Gross, to curate 4 separate stories and then share them with their large social followings to ignite a conversation.
    Kinsey Untold Stories: Jordin Sparks/Genius
    Kinsey Untold Stories: Talib Kweli/ Family First
    Kinsey Untold Stories: Lauren London/Tenacity of Hope
    Kinsey Untold Stories: Lance Gross/The First
    The Kinsey Collection
    So, where did these stories come from? Wells Fargo partnered with Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, art collectors and philanthropists who not only have amassed an unmatched collection of art and artifacts from our country’s history, but have an overwhelming knowledge and understanding of the stories surrounding them. The partnership manifested itself through pop up exhibitions of the art in several key markets.