The Love Project
Client: Quantasy
Launched: 2011
Tech: PHP, jQuery, HTML
  • CMS Development
  • Coding
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Content
  • Social Management
  • Social Monitoring
  • Website
    The Love Project is a social experiment that provides a platform for people to discuss and define what love really means. We took a global topic and examined it through the lens of pop culture. Our digital community became the hub for discussing all of the provocative questions about love.

    • Man-on-the-Street Videos
    • Editorial Content
    • Facebook App
    • Viral Video

    Conversations About Love
    Facebook carried the ongoing conversation, reaching thousands across the country. We produced a dynamic social application that gave fans unique content experiences while creating a cohesive connection to our website. Our Interactive Video Player gave fans access to man-on-the-street videos directly from the Facebook page seamlessly allowing them to view, like and comment on content.

    In the first month, The Love Project reached more than 18,000 fans, with no paid advertising. By publishing a variety of content, fans have been able to relate to our message and embrace the mission of our project.
    We produced a viral video to introduce people to The Love Project and spark a conversation across the Internet. In the first weekend, the video achieved more than 90,000 views and ran on multiple national-media outlets.