Only Sexy Is Sexy
Client: American Honda
Launched: 2011
Tech: AS3, PHP, jQuery
  • Brand Strategy
  • IA
  • Social Content
  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Visual Effects
  • Only Sexy Is Sexy
    Sexy has been redefined. The idea of what’s sexy and what’s not is now a matter of style, sophistication, intelligence and creativity. We know that, so we created the Honda Accord “Only Sexy Is Sexy” campaign to see if you know that. An interactive role-playing date allows you to make the calls and see how sexy your choices are. While inside of the clearly sexy Honda Accord, users are faced with a series of questions and choices, each with varying outcomes and reactions that will test their sexy. Each scenario incorporates the sexy features and technology offered by the Honda Accord as helpful ways to keep the date on track.