Me Everyday
Client: American Honda
Launched: June 2012
Tech: CSS3, PHP, jQuery, Flash
  • Brand Strategy
  • Coding
  • IA
  • Influencer Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Writing
  • Style That Makes Sense
    The Honda Accord has always been Honda’s flagship vehicle for families and adults 40+ years old. Perennially considered an affordable, dependable, reliable vehicle, it had not often been noted for its style. With the task of making the Accord more appealing to the highly discerning young and earning 30 something, we tapped into the notion of “Style That Makes Sense.” A stylish, clean website destination served as the hub for the branded content assets. The 5 part branded web series was streamed at scaling quality depending on users connection speed. The site also showcased a style gallery that featured a new look at product shots and original music.