Wells Fargo Done
We connected Wells Fargo with Millennials by repeatedly using this four-letter word.

Millennials feel differently about banks.

As technology disrupts industry after industry, few have been impacted to the degree that the banking industry has. With new convenient ways to access and manage money, especially online and through digital platforms, Wells Fargo needed to demonstrate its relevance to millennials - who often feel like they don‚??t need a bank.

This millennial audience is all about living in the moment, making moves on the go, having on-demand access to anything and getting things done, whenever and wherever they need to. This definitely includes their finances. This generation is also the most diverse in history, therefore our approach was inclusive of multiple ethnic segments and insights.

The outcome.

While Wells Fargo has been well known for its stability and longevity, it has not been often associated with convenience and access. To ensure that we could relate to this audience that communicates in short hand, we told them in one word. Done. The effort was so successful including measurable lift in new account consideration, overall brand halo effect and a few awards, Wells Fargo tripled down elevating the effort to a multi-year brand effort targeting millennials.