CR-V Moments
Client: American Honda
Launched: 2012
Tech: AS3
  • Ad Serving
  • Coding
  • Motion
  • Visual Design
  • Visual Effects
  • Take A Moment
    The 2012 Honda CR-V is the most versatile compact SUV in its class. With focus of targeting women, we developed an ultra-high impact digital campaign that showed how the CR-V’s versatility supports every moment of your life. The CR-V Moments campaign highlights the vehicles style, function and features, through a series of relatable interactive moments ranging from family, professional to night-life and more. We deployed a series of homepage takeovers, expandable ad units, pre-roll, mobile, tablet and others to complete this unique, highly engaging, high share of voice campaign.
    Mobile and Tablet
    The robust ad campaign featured more than 60 units optimized for all devices. We continued to carry out the high impact, high share of voice across mobile platforms including mobile takeovers and interactive units for each of our creative executions.