Best Yourself
Client: American Honda
Launched: 2013
  • Influencer Strategy
  • Television
  • Video Production
  • Writing
  • Best Yourself
    For the 2013 Honda Civic, Honda came to us with a unique ask: create a digital campaign that highlighted the youthful essence of the car.

    No matter your age, we know that the spirit of youthfulness is most authentically conveyed in the unabashed aspiration to make a mark on the world. So, who can change the world? Those who look within and no matter what they accomplish, always find a drive to improve – bettering their best selves and evolving the world around them. This is the story of Honda and the value that drives them to always improve. To tell this story and begin a conversation, we enlisted Nick Cannon as the face of an inspiring two minute anthem video. An actor, director, writer, artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Nick is the unconventional superstar who followed his own path to success.
    #BestYourself - A Twitter Hit
    We took to Twitter to discuss with our audience Honda’s belief that you can #BestYourself every day.
    Our goal was to have a conversation that was grounded in people inspiring people to get better everyday.
    We created high impact rich media banners and custom takeovers to motivate people to watch the video and then join the movement. A programmatic buying strategy was used to hyper target our audience behaviorally and contextually, keeping costs down and acquisitions up.
    Snackable Content
    To keep the conversation going we continued to tell our story in soundbites through snackable, shareable content across FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
    We developed as a destination website to house content with more opportunities to see the car.
    So far. So good. More than 1 million video views in less than 3 weeks. Blew away a few Honda benchmarks, increasing engagement by 532% on Facebook, 280% on Twitter and 122% on Instagram.

    The Moral: Subvert the rules of traditional advertising and engage the most challenging audience in conversations that really matter to them. This is what #BestYourself means to Quantasy.